Parenting is a labor of love. So is Lullafi.

Yes–parenting IS a labor of love. We understand, because the folks behind Lullafi are parents, aunts, uncles…in fact, our co-founder and creator, “Uncle Mike”, started Lullafi as a way help his own nephew fall asleep.

Along the way, Mike connected with a good friend Bryan in Indiana, a university entrepreneurship instructor, who connected with his brother Greg, a brand strategist and media producer in Portland, who connected with his friend Dave, a writer, who connected with his friend Kelly,

Baby Tech: We Love It Too

We admit it: we love Baby Tech. The phrase itself isn’t that old, and it seems that every few weeks there’s a new article like this one touting and hyping the latest and greatest. The excitement around all things tech, and all things baby, helped infuse a healthy dose of energy as we got Lullafi ready for our Kickstarter campaign. To celebrate our own advances, here’s a little visual display that shows where we’ve been and where we are.