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Lullafi unpacked: What is a Delta Wave?

We’ve been talking about delta waves since our launch, and a few people have asked, “What exactly IS a delta wave?”

From the notebook of our founder Mike Boren (aka “Uncle Mike”):

“Think of a delta wave as a slow pulse or rhythm. A mother’s heartbeat or breathing in and out can be expressed as a delta wave. We instinctively bounce a baby when they are upset. This action is also a delta wave. Lullafi is designed to transmit delta waves through the sense of touch and sound.

Mother’s Day…what about Mothers-to-be Day?

Baby showers–who doesn’t love ’em? The wrapping paper, the snacks, the game where everyone guesses the flavor of unmarked jars of baby food and changes diapers loaded with chocolate sauce! Before you slog your way through mom-to-be’s gift registration, you can be fashion forward in the world of baby tech and give the gift of a restful sleep with Lullafi.

How? Just back Lullafi’s kickstarter campaign in the name of the mom-to-be on your list!

But when will Lullafi actually arrive?

Parenting is a labor of love. So is Lullafi.

Yes–parenting IS a labor of love. We understand, because the folks behind Lullafi are parents, aunts, uncles…in fact, our co-founder and creator, “Uncle Mike”, started Lullafi as a way help his own nephew fall asleep.

Along the way, Mike connected with a good friend Bryan in Indiana, a university entrepreneurship instructor, who connected with his brother Greg, a brand strategist and media producer in Portland, who connected with his friend Dave, a writer, who connected with his friend Kelly,

Baby Tech: We Love It Too

We admit it: we love Baby Tech. The phrase itself isn’t that old, and it seems that every few weeks there’s a new article like this one touting and hyping the latest and greatest. The excitement around all things tech, and all things baby, helped infuse a healthy dose of energy as we got Lullafi ready for our Kickstarter campaign. To celebrate our own advances, here’s a little visual display that shows where we’ve been and where we are.

The Science of Sleep

What do babies need? Ask anyone–a mom, a dad, a scientist for that matter–and you’ll hear that a baby’s needs boil down to the most basic of human needs: nourishment, touch, care, love, and sleep.

As adults, we’ve no doubt pushed ourselves through sleepless days and nights at one time or another. Sometimes it’s a conscious decision to forgo unconscious dreaming–cramming for a test, staying up to get work done. Other times, a racing mind or neighbor’s power drill just keeps us awake until dawn.