Lullafi unpacked: What is a Delta Wave?

We’ve been talking about delta waves since our launch, and a few people have asked, “What exactly IS a delta wave?”

From the notebook of our founder Mike Boren (aka “Uncle Mike”):

“Think of a delta wave as a slow pulse or rhythm. A mother’s heartbeat or breathing in and out can be expressed as a delta wave. We instinctively bounce a baby when they are upset. This action is also a delta wave. Lullafi is designed to transmit delta waves through the sense of touch and sound. There is nothing like it!”

One more note of interest on delta waves: when you listen to sleep music that contains delta frequency binaural beats, you can actually spur the production of delta frequencies in your brain! So when you factor in Lullafi’s music streaming capabilities, you arrive at one of the most effective ways to encourage the mind to enter into a restful sleep state.