The Science of Sleep

What do babies need? Ask anyone–a mom, a dad, a scientist for that matter–and you’ll hear that a baby’s needs boil down to the most basic of human needs: nourishment, touch, care, love, and sleep.

As adults, we’ve no doubt pushed ourselves through sleepless days and nights at one time or another. Sometimes it’s a conscious decision to forgo unconscious dreaming–cramming for a test, staying up to get work done. Other times, a racing mind or neighbor’s power drill just keeps us awake until dawn.

For newborns and infants, it’s an entirely different matter, especially when you consider how quickly a baby’s brain is developing. The LAST thing they need is a sleepless night. (And, quite frankly, it’s the last thing a new parent needs too.)

So, if you ask babies–and the babies could talk–they’d explain that they’re not trying to stay awake, nor is it the sounds from outside keeping them up. Sure, sounds will startle a baby out of sleep, but sleeplessness for a baby is trickier than that.

No one knows exactly why a baby can’t fall or stay asleep sometimes. As parents, our instincts and understanding send us through a series of steps as we check various levels. Is the baby hungry? Does she need a diaper change? Is he too warm? Too cold? Too stimulated? And we also have catch-all phrases like “fussy” or “colicky” to describe the sleepless babe.

Lullafi came about because our friend “Uncle Mike” wanted to help one baby–his nephew–catch some sleep. He understood the science involved in the need, and he approached the challenge as a scientist would: observe, reason, test, record the results, observe some more, and continue the loop.

We’re not suggesting that Lullafi is a scientific breakthrough, exactly. BUT–we are letting you know that Lullafi takes the lessons learned from car rides and shrinks things down to the size of your average garage door opener. With Lullafi attached to a crib or cradle, babies enjoy gentle, delta-wave sound vibrations, along with white noise and ambient sounds, to lull them into sleep. Meanwhile, parents have a powerful new option on their never ending quest to keep their baby happy, healthy and sleeping tight.

Thanks science! Thanks Mike! Thanks Lullafi!