Parenting is a labor of love. So is Lullafi.

Yes–parenting IS a labor of love. We understand, because the folks behind Lullafi are parents, aunts, uncles…in fact, our co-founder and creator, “Uncle Mike”, started Lullafi as a way help his own nephew fall asleep.

Along the way, Mike connected with a good friend Bryan in Indiana, a university entrepreneurship instructor, who connected with his brother Greg, a brand strategist and media producer in Portland, who connected with his friend Dave, a writer, who connected with his friend Kelly, a designer. And there’s more–technologists, illustrators, animators, press and media experts, not to mention the folks who are chomping at the bit to produce Lullafi in the U.S.

As a team we’ve dedicated a few thousand hours to get to this stage, live on Kickstarter, the crowd funding capital of the world. Our goal: to bring other people–parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents, friends and more–into the story and onto our team. Our hope: to bring sleep to tired newborns and infants across the land! (And a few winks for their parents too.)

We’re glad you found our site. Be sure to visit our Kickstarter page. Together, let’s make the dream of sleep a reality.