The question: How does Lullafi work? To get the answer, let's take a quick drive.

When we were creating Lullafi, we spent hours in our cars. Driving. Riding. Listening. Feeling.
We wanted to get to the bottom of why the car ride helps babies fall asleep.
Big Idea

Lullafi’s constant hum and low frequency rumbles literally turn any crib,
seat, or baby carrier into a gently vibrating nest.

Back when your baby was in the womb, he or she was hearing and feeling constant sounds, intermittent noises,low frequency rumbles and pulsing sensations that were occurring inside and outside of mommy’s body. And they were experiencing motion whenever mommy walked, rocked, jogged, or moved around.

The sounds and sensations of the womb create a feeling of security that literally lulls a baby to sleep. This sense of coziness is the reason many parents swaddle their babies. To a baby, being cozy means being warm,
safe, and comfortable. And sleepy!

Lullafi is smaller and more fuel efficient than your car, and emits a gentle soothing vibration that reminds
your baby that it’s sleepy time. And it’s ready right out of the package. In fact, Lullafi is so simple that even a baby could…umm…you get what we mean.


As parents, we want to do what’s best for our babies. We especially want them to sleep tight.
Along with food, nourishment and a clean diaper, sleep is what they need most.
And, let’s face it—we can use a few winks too.

Lullafi is safe to use as there are no harmful toxins or chemicals used in the manufacturing process. In addition Lullafi has a low volume limit to protect a baby’s sensitive ears and will automatically turn off after 20 minutes. Lullafi goes a few extra miles so you don’t need to with key features that promote sleep and make parents smile:

Smart stuff creates a sense of touch

Lullafi’s patent-pending sound and vibration mechanism utilizes an enhanced low-frequency tactile transducer to create a vibration on a hard surface based upon the sound input.
Smart stuff creates a sense of touch
Smart stuff creates a sense of touch
The right sounds
The right sounds

The right sounds

Lullafi’s onboard memory contains five built-in sound tracks programmed with delta sleep wave patterns made to soothe and groove! These sounds not only induce a better sleep quicker, but also train the brain to recognize such sounds as a cue to sleep.

Add your own music

music—Lullafi is Bluetooth 4.0 compatible! You can live-stream music, lullabies or ambient sound from an iPhone, iPad, computer or any other Bluetooth compatible device.
Add your own music
Add your own music

Long live the earth

Lullafi’s USB rechargeable battery helps keep the device small, and makes it easy to recharge.
Don’t you just hate tossing dead batteries away? So do we. Well, none of that with Lullafi.


Have you ever wondered why most babies fall asleep during car rides?

So did we. In fact, this is the question that motivated our founder, Mike Boren—a sound engineer with
a restless newborn nephew—to create Lullafi in the first place.

Watch Uncle Mike’s journey, from his big idea, to his sound sleep solution—Lullafi—below.

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For the team behind Lullafi, it includes a mix of serendipity, family, and professionals from Evansville, IN, Portland, OR, and parts in between. We’re excited about our efforts and our ongoing story, and look forward to connecting with you, answering your questions, and filling you in on the Lullafi story.

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